Two Of The Best Places To Visit In Medellin City

Medellin is also known as the ‘City of Endless Spring’ is situated in Columbia. This town is best recognized for its astonishing and extravagant taking in the sights. Due to the actual mild environment, the city of eternal spring is the best spot for Medellin day trips. This city is truly one of those locations that offer pleasant views, night life and day trips throughout the year. Although there are many places to visit and things to do in Medellin your trip does not compete if you don’t check out these two places.

1- Parque Avri: Medellin tours is nothing should you miss out the actual parque avri or arvi park. This particular spot in Medellin is renowned for its extended mountain extends. The most interesting and exciting thing about this park is that you possess to take town you live cable to reach there. Air in the park is actually cool plus you’ve got to take knit tops with you. Additional, the park is surrounded by woods and you can possibly take a walk or even ride about horseback. On your way, in the forest, you can find hiking trails that will lead in and out. If you are a food lover you can grab snack foods from the foods stalls in the terminal park.

2- Santa Elena: Santa Elena can be a region that has the same size as the Medellin metropolis. This area in Colombia is best recognized for his reputation flora and fauna. This kind of landscape is surrounded by ancient stone wall space covered with dust and plants. The road is really a significant area in respect regarding archeology. While you wander on the road you can also spot several small animals and exotic plants.

So if you are planning your journey to Medellin, Colombia makes sure to check out these areas. You can make fantastic memories the following with your friends and family and it worth spending your money and time.